“Lecithin” a powerful nutrient Contributes to the maintenance of the nervous system and brain

Lecithin” Natural substances that help trap fat and cholesterol in the bloodstream Which is considered an important substance that is necessary for the functioning of the body in many systems and is also good for the “brain and nervous system”

The epithelium of brain cells and nerves including neurotransmitters (A neurotransmitter) named "acetylcholine" contains lecithin as a constituent, which substance "choline" in lecithin is a component of neurotransmitters. by being an intermediary between each neuron or from nerve cells to muscles. It is the transmission of emotions, memory, feelings, speech, movement, etc.

In addition, lecithin is an important source of energy for people with “High stress” because it can enter the brain directly. Causing the extraction of lecithin to use during high stress immediately. Help with learning and have a better memory.

Lecithin” is a nutrient that the body can produce by itself as a precursor in the “liver” such as essential fatty acids, B vitamins, etc. If the body does not get enough of these nutrients, it will result in the body being unable to produce lecithin. in quantities that are only per demand accordingly.

But in addition to the production of lecithin itself in the show We can also find it from other sources such as egg yolks, brain, heart, soybeans, sunflower seeds, peanuts, wheat germ, etc. Most of these foods tend to be high in cholesterol.

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