Tired need Vitamin-B

Fatigue and fatigue” can happen to people of all ages. Especially with the working age who is working hard. not enough rest and always face stress Until it may affect the efficiency of work or even daily life, such as difficulty waking up, less concentration, slower movement. exhausted, exhausted, etc.

Causes of fatigue, fatigue

“Fatigue and fatigue” will have one characteristic, namely, the body is unable to produce energy continuously and keep up with the needs of various cells in the body, most often occurring in working age groups or office workers. which is caused by the stress of the body Causes the body to produce stress hormones or the hormone cortisol (Cortisol) to deal with stress. But when the stress increases until abnormal accumulation of cortisol and more metabolism in the body The body needs to use more B vitamins as well. This results in symptoms of fatigue, fatigue, brain fatigue or dizziness.

    To produce energy efficiently, the body needs enough nutrients. And there are 8 types of B vitamins that are important help in turning various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. so that the body can use it to keep up with the needs of different cells of the body

    Why Vitamin B?

    Vitamin B” is one of the nutrients that are essential to the body. There are many types, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12, soluble in water. Helps to nourish the nervous system and brain and plays an important role in the energy production process. thus helping to reduce fatigue and tired But it's not easy to keep your B vitamins in enough amounts to meet your body's needs.

    Therefore, looking for help such as supplementing with vitamin B complex supplements. or a multivitamin containing B vitamins It should answer the question and help solve the problem of exhaustion. and tired well Especially with working people or groups of office workers who rarely have time to take care of themselves. But the most important thing to take care of yourself to have good health is choosing to eat a variety of foods that complete the 5 food groups and get enough rest. and exercise regularly Best wishes from Paradigm Pharma