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Calcium Citrate 1000 mg (60 Tablets)

Bonnex is Calcium Citrate, which is absorbed far better than the Calcium in the commonly sold Calcium Carbonate.

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Bonnex is Calcium Citrate, which is absorbed far better than the Calcium in the commonly sold Calcium Carbonate. It is also safer;

it reduces the risk of oxalate stone formation in the urinary tract associated with Calcium Carbonate.

Registration number: 73-1-00154-5-0101

Expiry Date: 09/09/2024

Brand: Bonnex

Category: Dietary supplement

Use of Calcium: Bone health

Composition per unit: Each capsule contains:

  • Calcium Citrate 1000 mg
  • Vitamin D3 200 IU
  • Magnesium 100 mg
  • Zinc 4 mg Dosage

Form: Tablet

Pack Size: Bottle of 60 tablets

Recommended Dosage & Administration: One tablet a day, after meal

Special Precautions & Warnings: According to several studies, Calcium in excessive amounts and in forms not absorbed well can be harmful. Please consult your physician.

Side Effects: Constipation

General Information: 

  • Calcium citrate is a good choice for calcium supplements because it provides an adequate amount of calcium and is better absorbed by the body than calcium carbonate as it does not require stomach acid to aid absorption. Studies have reported that taking the right amount of calcium citrate It results in increasing bone density (BMD) and reducing fractures in elderly women. Calcium citrate is also safe because several studies report that taking calcium can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. But these symptoms are not found in people who take calcium citrate.
  • Vitamin D is usually found in two forms: vitamin D2 and vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin D2 is derived from animal products, and it is a form similar to the natural vitamin D that the item generates spontaneously from exposure to sunlight.
  • Vitamin D3 plays an important role in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, which contributes to the system of bone and tooth formation.
  • Magnesium an essential mineral for bones and muscles, but it is also essential for the heart, brain, and nervous system to produce antioxidants to prevent many diseases.
  • Zinc aids in growth, DNA formation, immune system, and much more. In the process of bone formation. Zinc is necessary to create matrix in collagen, which is one step in the process of bone formation. Zinc is also necessary for the formation of enzymes that break down and recycle protein in bones. Zinc contributes to the absorption of calcium and is essential for the healing and repair of bones. Low amounts of zinc in the body are associated with the development of osteoporosis.

Disclaimers: Like all supplements, the product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

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