“Herb” must be used with knowledge. How to use it correctly?

“Herb” What many people understand comes from plants or nature. make you feel safe Some of them may be used incorrectly or in the wrong way. causing bodily harm Today, admin has a good technique for choosing the right herbs for you.

Principles in choosing herbal medicines or herbal products are:

1. Right Herb Because most herbs have synonyms or duplicates. Some are local names. that may be called different names, even though they are the same plant Or sometimes the name is the same, but it's a different plant. Therefore, whatever herbs you use, you need to make sure that they are really the right plant.

2. Right Part of herb Each part of a medicinal plant, root, flower, leaf, bark, fruit or seed, or the ripeness, maturity, and rawness of the herb. There may be the same or different chemical composition or substance. or in some different plants Other plants may contain the same essential substances but have different amounts, such as Andrographis paniculata contains more andrographolides in the leaves than the stems. Therefore, the strength or efficacy of treatment can be different. Or in some plants, some are used as medicine. But some of them are toxic. Therefore, be careful and study carefully before using.

3. Right Dose That is, although many herbal medicines are not dangerous. But the amount or size of use is too much. It may be harmful to the body. Especially in young children, the tolerability of the drug is less than that of adults. and period of use not to be used continuously for longer than the specified instructions To allow the body to rest and get rid of the drug from the body. And should choose herbal products that have a label indicating the exact quantity, proportion or substance.

4. Right Administration Method of using medicine or using herbs to make medicine Should be done correctly according to principles, for example, some species must use fresh, juicing, boiling, simmering, boiling with water or pickling liquor, etc. If you want to modify it in other ways. It is important to study its efficacy and safety before actually using it. Because the chemicals in each plant are diverse. Changing the preparation method may cause the extracted substances to differ. which can sometimes be dangerous

5. Right Disease To relieve constipation It has to use herbs that have a laxative effect. If using herbs with astringent taste will make the stomach more constipated. or if it is used in conjunction with the treatment of disease or aiming for results for direct treatment It is advisable to seek advice from a specialist such as a modern physician. Thai traditional medicine or pharmacist, etc. for safety and maximum benefit.

In addition, do not forget to choose herbal products that are certified by the Thai FDA from standardized manufacturers. And do not forget to read the label before using the drug every time. Best wishes from Paradigm