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  1. Biofit GG
    Biofit GG
    Probiotic microorganisms Vegetable capsules (30 capsules)

    Vegetable capsules containing of 10 billion CFU/Capsule as active ingredient.

  2. Biofit Triple B
    Biofit Triple B
    Probiotic and prebiotic microorganisms in sachets (15 sachets)

    Synbiotic containing 10 billion CFUs/Sachet of 3 strains of Bifidobacterium.

  3. A-Z Multivitamin
    Multivitamin containing 22 vitamins and minerals (60 Tablets)

    Essential vitamins and minerals you need daily in one easy-to-swallow tablet.

  4. VitaLozenge Box
    Multivitamin Lozenge (Box of 6 tubes)

    Box of 6 tubes. Each tube contains 14 Sugar-free Lozenges with 10 vitamins.

    As low as ₱776.00
  5. Biofit Pearl
    Probiotic microorganism capsules pearl shaped (60 Capsules)

    Probiotic 3 billion CFU for gut health in triple-layer pearl-shaped capsule.

    Out of stock
  6. AminoStar
    Protein capsule containing 18 Amino Acids (30 Capsules)

    Essential for good health: cell building, maintaining immune system.

  7. Bonnex
    Calcium Citrate 1000 mg (60 Tablets)

    Bonnex is Calcium Citrate, which is absorbed far better than the Calcium in the commonly sold Calcium Carbonate.

  8. Fa-Thalai-Chon Capsule Box
    Andrographis paniculata (Box of 12 sleeves x15 capsules)

    Herbal supportive treatment for upper respiratory infections, such as common cold and sore throat.

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