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  1. Biofit GG
    Biofit GG
    Probiotic microorganisms Vegetable capsules (30 capsules)

    Vegetable capsules containing of 10 billion CFU/Capsule as active ingredient.

    956.012,50 ₫
  2. Biofit Triple B
    Biofit Triple B
    Probiotic and prebiotic microorganisms in sachets (15 sachets)

    Synbiotic containing 10 billion CFUs/Sachet of 3 strains of Bifidobacterium.

    401.525,25 ₫
  3. A-Z Multivitamin
    Multivitamin containing 22 vitamins and minerals (60 Tablets)

    Essential vitamins and minerals you need daily in one easy-to-swallow tablet.

    382.405,00 ₫
  4. VitaLozenge Box
    Multivitamin Lozenge (Box of 6 tubes)

    Box of 6 tubes. Each tube contains 14 Sugar-free Lozenges with 10 vitamins.

    As low as 370.932,85 ₫
  5. Biofit Pearl
    Probiotic microorganism capsules pearl shaped (60 Capsules)

    Probiotic 3 billion CFU for gut health in triple-layer pearl-shaped capsule.

    1.147.215,00 ₫
    Out of stock
  6. AminoStar
    Protein capsule containing 18 Amino Acids (30 Capsules)

    Essential for good health: cell building, maintaining immune system.

    110.897,45 ₫
  7. Bonnex
    Calcium Citrate 1000 mg (60 Tablets)

    Bonnex is Calcium Citrate, which is absorbed far better than the Calcium in the commonly sold Calcium Carbonate.

    221.794,90 ₫
  8. Fa-Thalai-Chon Capsule Box
    Andrographis paniculata (Box of 12 sleeves x15 capsules)

    Herbal supportive treatment for upper respiratory infections, such as common cold and sore throat.

    382.405,00 ₫
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